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We’re a specialist Digital Communication, Social Media and Online Marketing Agency based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our services includes lead generation, customer communication and online credibility solutions.

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Marketing is an age-old part of any business, but in today’s world, keeping up with new forms of marketing can be a challenge. There are so many platforms out there that attract a vast array of audiences – which one is right for your business?

We at JQ Digital are here to answer that. With over 14 years of digital marketing experience, we can take your brand further online. We provide a range of digital marketing services to make sure your business gets the visibility it deserves in the digital sphere. From search engine optimisation to custom website development, we are proud to call ourselves a full-service digital marketing agency.

Our services span the full spectrum of online marketing: whether it is a tailor-made website, social media page, monitoring and maintenance of existing social accounts, or even writing articles and press releases, we have a team that can deliver to the highest standards. Each member of our team is fully qualified to make your digital marketing stand out, and in consultation with you, ensure that your image is one of excellence.

JQ Digital already maintains the online presence of a number of premium and high-profile individuals and businesses, in South Africa and abroad. We are skilled in managing the digital marketing needs of businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to companies in the Medium to Macro Enterprise (MME) sector. We are able to create high-quality content for you that is made to your specification, to reach the audiences that are most likely to need what you offer.

Get in touch with us today so that we can help you on your journey to digital marketing success. All of our quotes are obligation-free, and we offer consultations to lay out tailor-made plans for you based on our proven strategies and techniques.

We have a dream to conquer the world. View our video to understand our WHY and HOW
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Quintessential Services

People are the heartbeat of our business. Coupled with passion and performance, we build our services around your targets, your demands and your budget. Our team of experts will craft a bespoke strategy specific to your brand’s needs and goals.

our consulting services


We have years of experience in digital marketing consulting. Contact us to help and guide you with any online marketing query you might have.

our digital marketing services

Digital Marketing

With an optimised digital marketing strategy, you can enjoy targeted traffic that converts and higher organic search engine rankings.

our social media services

Social Media

The trick with social media is having a strategy as well as being social. Contact us to help you transform into a social business.

our online reputation management services

Social Content Curation

Blogging, writing, pictures, sound or video. Our experts can generate the right content to build your business.

Lead generation

Reach the people

Our Bulk Email creation service can empower your business to reach your database. Call us today for a quote.

our digital marketing services

Graphic Design

We offer a full suite of graphic design options, suited to your needs.

our social media services

Event Social

Your event can be optimised for social by implementing a few basic strategies. Our experience team is ready to cover your occasion.

our online reputation management services

PPC Marketing

Effective PAY PER CLICK marketing with Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other related platform.

reach your business goals

Reach your business goals

Our unique social media and digital marketing solutions are designed to ensure you reach your targets and objectives. All of our solutions are designed and adapted to integrate with the full spectrum of devices that access the internet – that is, PCs, smartphones and tablets. Our projects are optimised to reach your prospective clients regardless of what device they are using when they reach you.

The digital sphere is growing tremendously every day, and it is crucial to stay ahead. Trends change continuously, and so it is important to entrust your digital marketing strategy and implementation to professionals with the right experience. Our process is multi-faceted, comprehensive and effective.


Results! Results! Results!

Use our unique customised services to create an amazing digital and social marketing strategy for your business.


Define your goals


Our first Phase is to establish your digital platforms (web, social, referral)

Better ROI

Drive traffic

Our proven process to use different methods to secure hits and views on your website is remarkable

Targeted results


Convert your website hits into leads through the correct web architecture and call to actions

Targeted results

Leads to Sales

Together we define your strategy. We do our research, design, write copy and launch so you can focus on growing your business. Fast.

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We provide a wide range of digital marketing services to make sure your business gets the visibility it deserves online in the most effective manner possible. We ensure that your pages are optimised to appear at the top of search engine results, develop custom websites and more – we are proud of our track record in ensuring that our clients get the best possible exposure and bring in the right traffic.

Ask us today how we can take your brand further online. Our stretegies will help you on your journey to digital marketing success.


If you’re not doing social – you’re missing out

SA Population

54 Million

Internet Users in SA

24.9 Million

Facebook Users

11.8 Million

Twitter Users

6.6 Million

LinkedIn Users

3.8 Million

YouTube Users

7.2 Million

Instagram Users

1.1 Million

Pinterest Users

0.8 Million

Brands we have worked with

We work with companies in many fields and areas of business. Here are some of the brands that have seen success with our digital marketing and social media solutions.






















We are passionate about your business – always professional, creative and on-point, with just the right amount of crazy mixed in: that’s what makes us awesome!

Juan Quinn

Juan Quinn

CEO & Sales

  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Poodle, because it’s a dog
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “Simply the Best” – Tina Turner
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: When things come together



Operations Manager

  1. FAVOURITE MOVIE: Star Wars/Braveheart/Master and Commander/Kingdom of Heaven/The Last Samurai
  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Wolf – majestic animal, pack hunter and family animal
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “Sick of It” – Skillet
  4. DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Island in the middle of nowhere
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: When others succeed that I have been assisting it makes me want to try even harder



Marketing & Copywriting

  1. FAVOURITE MOVIE: If I have to choose, Gangs of New York. Honourable mentions: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, The Last Samurai
  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Bushbaby – have you ever seen an animal that can mix cuteness with being cool so well?
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “Chop Suey!” – System of a Down
  4. DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Locally, the Bushveld. I love the coast, but the Bushveld is my spiritual home! Internationally, Scandinavia. Because vikings and metal!
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: People who are able to find the good in others and every situation. Loyalty. The ability to be the same person through success as well as diversity, and not compromising on your principles and your values. Music, especially metal, but there are so many great genres. Live shows. Oppikoppi. And, of course, great sporting achievements by my favourite players and teams!



Creative Design & Marketing

  1. FAVOURITE MOVIE: Mr. Nobody
  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Cats, because they are the introverts of the animal world
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “The Raven That Refused to Sing” – Steven Wilson
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: The Kardashians



Creative Design & Marketing

  1. FAVOURITE MOVIE: Harry Potter of course! Gryffindor all the way!
  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Dogs of any type – they have so much personality and love to give!
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “You shook me all night long” – AC/DC. Always gets me going and puts me in a good mood!
  4. DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Anywhere in Europe – would love to go and see the art & history of that part of the world!
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Everything around me inspires me! It inspires me when I can help someone design something unique for them and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration.



Creative Design & Marketing

  1. FAVOURITE MOVIE: Gosh, I don’t think that I could ever only have only ONE
  2. FAVOURITE ANIMAL AND WHY: Birds! There are so many species that have their own ‘special trait’, they can run fast; swim underwater; float; burrow underground or fly – they are the ultimate Pokemon.
  3. FAVOURITE SONG: “Smooth” – Santana
  5. WHAT INSPIRES YOU: People who have a real passion for what they do inspire me



IT & Technical Operations

Our Latest Articles/Rants and Raves

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Social Media Training

Whether through their personal profiles or as part of the official brand profile, every member of your firm or business has a role to play in your brand’s social media image.


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